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We invite you to join us for Bible Study and Worship any Saturday morning.  Don't feel like you need to dress up; just wear whatever is comfortable for you!

When you arrive at church on a Saturday morning, you might be greeted with a hearty "Happy Sabbath!"  That's a traditional Seventh-day Adventist greeting expressing our appreciation for your presence, and our gratitude for the Sabbath rest this day contains.

Sabbath School Classes begin at 9:30 AM.

There are Sabbath School classes for children and adults:

Cradle Roll/Kindergarten: 0-5

Primary: 6-9

Juniors: 10-12

Youth: 13-18


Church Worship Service begins at 10:45 AM and lets out between 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM.

There is a mother's room available for those who wish to use it.

Our church service begins with a welcome, announcements, and Call to Worship, inviting the presence of the Lord into the service. Following that is our Hymns of Praise song service where we sing songs to and about our Lord and Savior. Then we have our Praise in Giving (a time to give back of our blessings a tithe to our Lord). Next is our Children's Story. The children take up a Lamb's Offering, then sit on the front pew for a special story time. That is followed by a time of prayer, which we call "Garden of Prayer". We usually--but not always--have a time for Worship in Song, where 1 or more people will share with us a special music. Then comes our Scripture Reading, upon which the Message is based, and a time of learning during the sermon.  The service will end with a closing song and benediction.

Provided for all who attend is a fellowship meal, held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall, and a time of fellowship.

Please come visit and worship with us! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

May God bless you!